November 6/10, 2024



Accessories for garden irrigation, Agricultural hand tools.


Battery-powered binding machines, Battery-powered lawnmowers, Battery-powered secators, Battery-powered trimmers, Bodies for garden transporters, Brush cutter discs, Brush cutter heads, Brush cutters with s.i. engines, Bulb seeders.


Carburettors for chain-saws, conveyors for sterilizers, Curbing equipment, Cutting filament for brush cutters, Cylinder lawnmowers.


Diesel engines, Diesel engines for garden equipment, Disc hedge trimmers with s.i. engines, Drippers for garden irrigation.


Edge trimmers with s.i. engines, Electric brush cutters, Electric chain-saws, Electric edge trimmers, Electric hedge trimmers, Electric lawnmowers, Electric motors for garden equipment, Electric pumps for garden irrigation, Electric push-type lawnmowers, Equipment for maintenance of tamped surfaces.


Four-stroke engines for garden equipment, Four-wheeled vehicles for green areas.


Garden chain-saws, Garden fertilizer spreaders, Garden greenhouses, Garden hand-operated wheelbarrows, Garden irrigation programmers, Garden minidumpers, Garden motor hoes, Garden motor mowers, Garden motor-driven compressors, Garden rippers, Garden seeders, Garden sprayers, Garden sprinklers, Garden tractors with diesel engines, Garden tractors with s.i. engines, Garden trailers, Garden trimmers, Garden walking tractors, Golf course vehicles, Grafting machines, Grass collecting systems.


Hail protection for garden plants, Hand powered cylinder lawnmowers, Hedge trimmers for lawn and garden tractors, Hydraulic secators, Hydroseeders.


Lawn aerators for tractors, Lawn aerators for walking tractors, Lawn and garden tractors, Lawn seeders, Lawnmowers for walking tractors, Lawnmowers with aerator, Leaf blowers.


Manual binding machines, Manual garden tools, Mills for vegetable mould, Miscellaneous accessories for lawnmowers, Miscellaneous engines for garden equipment, Miscellaneous equipment for lawnmowers, Miscellaneous garden equipment, Miscellaneous garden irrigation equipment, Motor brooms, lawn sweepers, Motor pumps for garden irrigation, Motor-driven pruning compressors, Mowers, Mowing attachments for lawnmowers, Multi-purpose vehicles for green areas.


P.t.o. driven pruning compressors, Pipes and hoses for garden irrigation, Plant and sod diggers, Plant diggers, Plant residue shredders, Plant sprayers, Pneumatic brush cutters, Pneumatic hedge trimmers, Pneumatic secators, Pole pruners, Pop-up sprinklers, Potters, Powered garden wheelbarrows, Pressure reducers for garden irrigation installations, Pruning saws, Pruning units, Push-type lawn aerators, Push-type lawn trimmers with s.i. engine, Push-type lawnmowers with, Push-type lawnmowers with s.i. engines.


Radio-controlled lawnmowers, Reciprocating hedge trimmers with s.i. engines, Ride-on lawnmowers, Robot lawnmowers.


Salt spreaders, sand spreaders, Saw blades, Saw chain sharpeners, Saw chains, Self-propelled curbing machines, Self-propelled lawn aerators, Self-propelled lawnmowers with diesel engines, Self-propelled lawnmowers with s.i. engines, Snow blades for lawn and garden tractors, Snow throwers for garden walking tractors, Snow throwers for lawn and garden tractors, Sod cutters, Sod rolls harvesting machines, Sod rolls installation machines, Spare parts and accessories for chain-saws, Spare parts for garden equipment, Spare parts for garden motor hoes and walking tractors, Spare parts for garden motor mowers, Spare parts for lawn and garden tractors, Stand on lawnmowers, Suction leaf collectors, Suction leaf collectors for tractors, Sweepers for lawn and garden tractors, Synthetic turf cleaning equipment, Synthetic turf installation equipment, Synthetic turf refurbishment equipment.


Three-wheeled vehicles for green areas, Tools for garden motor hoes and walking tractors, Tools for mowers, Track-laying powered garden barrows , Track-laying vehicles for green areas, Tractor-mounted lawnmowers, Trailed lawnmowers, Tree mortisers, Tree service chain-saws, Tube winders, Turf rollers, Two-stroke engines for garden equipment.


Vegetable mould, Vegetable mould and fertilizer mixers, Vegetable mould sterilizers, Vehicles for green areas with electric motors, Vibrating screens for, Vines-binding machines.


Walk-behind power units for garden use, Walk-behind snow throwers with s.i. engine, Watering cans, Winches for chain saws.